GPOT has been heavily investing in expanding the team to champion the implementation of the General Petroleum Managed Service Centre (GPMS) vision. Meet the team….

Simon Howell – COO

Introducing Simon Howell as Chief Operating Officer. Simon offers another dimension to the GPOT organisation. With over 27 years experience in sales and directorship within the Oil and Gas Industry, we are pleased to bring a person of such senior leadership skills to the head of the team.

Kevin Jones – Engineering Services Manager

We are very excited to announce our latest addition to GPOT, Kevin Jones as Engineering Services Manager. Kevin has an impressive 40+ years experience of harnessing his craft in the Oil and Gas Industry. Kevin will be championing the implementation of the GPMS!

James Burwood – GM – Commercial Dev

Welcoming James Burwood for the position of General Manager of Commercial Development. James brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive field experience from the UK, Bermuda and across Australia. James has been actively working towards the launch of the GPMS in Dalby.

Our team is eager to assist you with the growth and expansion out in Dalby with the GPMS, that will be fully operating very soon. To discuss how we will be able to service your products further, contact us via or +61 7 3390 5255.

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