Kevin Jones – Appointed Engineering Services Manager at GPOT

On behalf of the team at GPOT, Mr Simon Howell Chief Operating Officer would like to formally welcome Mr Kevin Jones who has been appointed as Engineering Service Manager.

Joining the GPOT Team

In his welcomed appointment to GPOT, Kevin will harness the craft he has honed for over 40 years to be the driving force championing our Dalby expansion plans. and opening of the General Petroleum Managed Services (GPMS).

Mr Jones comes to GPOT with a wealth of experience, and will be championing the implementation and opening of the GPMS in Dalby.

Experience and Background

Kevin ‘s career, furnished by industry giants such as Incitec, Mitchell, Lucas, NOV and DNOW, specialises in building and servicing drilling, pumping and compression equipment in the midstream and downstream operations.

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General Petroleum Oil Tools is a proud to have Kevin Jones as part of our team. For any assistance, please continue to contact us via email on or by phone on +61 7 3390 5255.  Alternatively you can reach Mr Jones directly at or 0499744711.

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