It’s with great pleasure that we announce that we are in the final stages of our second Dalby location – General Petroleum Managed Services (GPMS) at 68 Yumborra Road Dalby.

After 2 years of meticulous planning, our fully OEM backed service centre is well underway. It’s been a journey of many tasks that form some of the stages we have outlined below.

Initial photos of our new location

Strengthening Partnerships and Becoming Accredited With Our World Class Partners

Critical to your success, is the backing of our world class partners. Our priority is to be fully accredited with each partner so that our customers can have locally accessible servicing, that is fast and cost efficient.

We look forward to rolling out our service plans for all our world class partners. We thank our dedicated staff, partners and trusted customers for helping us deliver on the needs of the Australian Resource sector.

Partner events

Mar 2019


We recently hosted Westco International Consulting for intensive training with our Dalby team.


Apr 2019


We had the pleasure of hosting Forum Energy Technologies, Service Manager for Handling Equipment, Mr. Neil Duhon. Mr Duhon will be here to complete our accreditation as a full service centre for Forum Energy Technologies Handling Equipment.


May 2019


We had the pleasure of hosting the Dalby Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours function. We will also be hosting Mr. Chris Nelson from Forum Energy Technologies. Mr. Nelson will be onsite to conduct our accreditation for Forum Energy Technologies valves.


Coming Soon


Plans are underway for the ‘Lunch and Learn’ where together Forum and our newly appointed Engineering Services Manager will explain the GPOT Service Centre’s expansion (GPMS).


Westco International Training

We also had the pleasure of hosting WESTCO in Australia for the second time in 6 months. It was fantastic to have the Global Sales Manager, Raul Ruiz, train our growing Dalby team on WESTCO products. It’s very important that we continue to strengthen the relationships we share with our world class partner and it was great to share the Dalby expansion plans with WESTCO.

Dalby Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Function

GPOT was honoured to host the recent Dalby Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours function! Proud to showcase the facility and all of the recent upgrades, the Dalby Distribution Centre was set up for a night of great networking among 80 attendees. It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to host one of the networking nights that work in partnership for business excellence in the local region. 

Improving Operations and the Management Team

It has been fantastic to have industry leaders to join the team GPOT team to champion the implementation of General Petroleum Managed Service (GPMS), including:

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