Rig Support Partners

Forum Energy Technologies is renowned, worldwide, for the production of quality products that deliver optimum performance and reliability. General Petroleum Oil Tools’ Dalby distribution centre is stocked, with full OEM backing, to proudly supply Forum Energy Technologies Drill Pipe Float Valves to the Australasian Market.

GPOT is proud to partner with Townsend Well Control to bring the most recognised and respected BOPs in the world, supported by over 350 years of expert industry knowledge. Fully API compliant and are 100% manufactured in the USA, Townsend Well Control provides on-going local support as they are an authorised repairer of BOPs.

GPOT are proud to provide you with over 50 years of field experience and over 150 years of management experience through our partnership with WESTCO International Consulting. We supply quality WESTCO Hydraulic Sucker Rod and Tubing Tongs that are made in the USA and in compliance with API 7k specification, to the Australasian market.

Servicing the oil and gas industry since 1973, GPOT is proud to partner with Washington Rotating. Together, GPOT and Washington Rotating deliver the most durable and the most dependable rotating control devices on the market. GPOT globally enables drillers to operate with greater safety, economy and dependability through their exclusive relationship with Washinton Rotating. Understanding the need to create value for drilling customers, GPOT and Washington Rotating are continuously improving their technologies, processes, products and services.

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