XP1000-20-Extreme Service Slip System

Forum introduces the next generation slip system rated at 1000 tons designed to handle deep drill strings and landing strings.

Note: The maximum safe working load should be determined by the ultimate tensile strength of the string being used.

Minimizes Slip Failure

Forum developed the XP1000-20 rotary slip to address the requirement for ultra high loads in the emerging deep drilling market. The unique design facilitates equal loading by incorporating machine grooves in the slip body and mating load supporting inserts. As a result, the string weight is distributed equally throughout the slip body, as opposed to point loading the slip in the toe, a feature which all conventional slips possess. The entire slip was designed, tested, and verified to 1000 tons using a solid mandrel.

Minimizes Pipe Crushing

Transverse load effect (the root cause of slip crushing) was substantially reduced by modifying the geometry of an existing slip design. The combination of the new taper and the extended contact area increases the safe load capacity 173% when compared to conventional slips.



  • Split 37 1/2” Master Bushing
  • Split Inner Bushing with 90° orientation to Master Bushing
  • Extended Pipe Contact Area
  • Load Carrying Inserts
  • Automated Operation
  • Modified Slip and Bowl Taper


  • Provides Safe and Rapid Installation
  • Maintains Dimensional Integrity
  • Distributes Load Over a Larger Area
  • Minimizes Slip Failures
  • Reduces Personnel Fatigue/Injuries
  • Significantly Minimizes Slip Crushing Forces