Washpipe System

Optimize Drilling Performance While Minimizing HSE Risks

Forum’s washpipe system is designed with safety in mind and addresses one of the most dangerous operations performed on the drilling rig. Washpipes and packing can be changed out in minutes with no hammering; thus, reducing HSE risks. The downtime normally associated with a washpipe change-out has been virtually eliminated.

This innovative system also helps reduce NPT during the drilling operation due to premature washpipe failures. The solution has been field tested throughout the world, including US land and offshore North Sea, and has provided longer life in high-pressure, high-temperature environments.



  • Decreased downtime with easy installation and change-outs completed in minutes
  • Reduced HSE risks and costs, due to lost time incidents since hammers are not required to tighten or loosen nuts and there is no reliance on physical strength
  • Improved drilling efficiency and equipment life with hard-surface washpipe


  • Easy operation since built-in air cylinder fully energizes packings
  • Fully rig serviceable and instructions clearly marked on product
  • DNV certified
  • Fitted with handles for safe working