Very Heavy Duty Valve Seat Pulling Jack

Because seat puller jacks available up to now have generally provided inadequate jacking force, preheating and shock cooling (using water) have had to be employed to remove the seats. These operations, as well as being very time consuming, have been shown to accelerate or even cause damage to the valve area of fluid end modules. P-QUIP Kwik-Pull Valve Seat Puller avoids these problems by having a very high load capacity and long stroke.


  • Very heavy duty jack and stem – 220 tons of pull – Seats can generally be removed cold.
  • 2″ of piston travel – No more stroking out the jack before the backlash is taken up.
  • Puller heads available for all seat types.
  • Easy operation with conventional air or hand operated hydraulic pump.
  • Fitted with convenient integral lifting and restraining eyes.
  • Simple user seal repair kits available.
  • Suitable for use on all type of mud pumps with all types of cover systems