Forum’s TwinLimit™ Automated Rig Brake Controller is an automated brake controller that protects the rig by preventing the traveling block from exceeding safe limits

The TwinLimit™ is a feature-rich, reliable and simple to operate brake control system designed to retrofit to your new or existing rig and give it state of the art performance and safety.

For Drilling and Service Rigs, New or Used with DISC or BAND Brakes.



  • Works like a backup operator
  • Anticipates crown/floor
  • Quick and easy limit set
  • “Absolute” hook position, speed and acceleration
  • Fall and over speed protection
  • Weight-over pull protection
  • Operator friendly
  • Band or disc brake control
  • No bulky chains, springs or handle lift winches

Remote & Data Record

  • Wireless link to any on-site computer
  • Real time view, record, change and playback
  • Expandable to other rig data
  • Satellite communication
  • Log Data