Ton Mile Indicator Systems

Maximize wire rope lifespan and help ensure timely, safe slip-and-cuts

The rugged Forum Ton Mile Indicator Systems provide essential ton mile measurements to protect your equipment investment and improve drilling safety.

Each system includes a Display Console, Weight Transducer Assembly, Distance Encoder Assembly, and Cables.



  • Indicates ton miles between wireline slippings.
  • Indicates total ton miles between wireline change-outs.
  • Includes always-on, non-stop display of load on each wireline (in tons).
  • Provides user-configurable options including:
    • Display of ton miles, ton kilometers, or mega joules
    • Number of parts-of-line reeving used.


  • Improves the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your rig by helping to eliminate wasteful, premature slip-and-cuts from being performed while the wire rope still has weeks of useful life.
  • Enhances rig safety by helping to ensure timely slip-and-cuts — reducing potentially hazardous wire rip wear.