Thread Compounds

Davis-Lock Thread Locking Compound

The Davis-Lock thread locking compound is a strong epoxy-based compound for use on all threaded connections to prevent back-off and loosening of joints. The one-pound kit contains the base, catalyst and applicator.

Davis API Modified Thread Compound

This Davis thread compound conforms to the specifications of API Bulletin 5A2. It is recommended for use on casing, tubing, and in line pipe.

Davis Non-Metallic Thread Compound

This Davis thread compound has been formulated as an environmentally safe replacement for API modified thread compound that will meet or exceed the listed performance objectives in API Bulletin 5A2.

Davis Super-Seal Thread Compound

Davis developed the Super-Seal thread compound to provide long lasting, high pressure sealing on all API threaded joints, especially tubing and casing. The compound contains molydisulfide and TFE resin for a high-pressure seal. Joints coated with Davis Super-Seal hold better and make up easier with less torque and still break clean without damage.