Satellite System

Provides secure, real-time, broadband communication with your rig wherever you are, wherever you go

Enables rig personnel to stay in contact with offsite staff and business partners via direct, secure, broadband Internet connection. Provides connectivity for as many as 3 rigsite workstations, as well as 2 phone lines for voice, fax, or data.

The Satellite System can be used with Forum’s ICE RIg Monitor System for speedy, secure rigsite and offsite monitoring and analysis of rig drilling data via any device that can connect to the Internet.

When used with the Forum ADMS System, all data is stored on password-protected computers controlled only by you, accessible only by authorized personnel, both rigsite and offsite.

  • Your offsite Internet devices can access an unlimited number of password-protected rigsites.
  • Provides broadband Internet connectivity to offsite devices such as telephones, laptops, and faxes.
  • Delivers true real-time communication. Unlike systems that route data through offsite servers, the Forum Satellite System instantaneously delivers data directly from the rigsite to offsite devices.