Sand & Gas Combo Pump II

Q2-Sand & Gas Combo Pump was designed to keep the rod pumps from sticking in the tubing and effectively pump though a multi phase fluid medium with sand and gas. Top of the pump seals positively within the tubing string and prevents solids accumulating around the pump over a period of pump life. Fluid from the pump jets into the tubing through the top open cage, this causes any solids from settling on top of the pump.

Proprietary chrome plating on the barrels provide high wear resistance and improves pump life in abrasive environment. Optional tungsten sprayed plunger provides extremely high wear and corrosion resistance. High temp sealing cups and plunger rings makes it durable for pumping through high well bore temperatures.


  • Wells with high sand and gas
  • For Horizontal well bores
  • Wells with high well bore temperatures

Benefits & Features

  • High pump efficiency
  • Extremely low fluid slippage
  • Tungsten sprayed plunger provides high wear and corrosion resistance (special order)
  • Two plungers and two barrels gives positive suction in both upstroke and down stroke
  • Dual compression for handling fluids with high GLR
  • Keeps pumps from sticking in tubing
  • High performance chrome plated barrels using proprietary formula

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