Rotating Mousehole

Introduced in 1994, the Phantom Mouse®, introduced power to the mousehole and with it, enhanced levels of safety and productivity. It is a compact unit that can be installed out of sight just under the rig floor and covered when not in use. It operates virtually maintenance free. Originally developed to allow top drive drillers to achieve maximum efficiency, the patented Rotating Mousehole Tool has also demonstrated similar benefits for conventional rotary drillers.

On top drive rigs the tool allows the drilling crew to quickly and effectively make up and set back stands of drill pipe, while simultaneously drilling ahead with the top drive. It can also be used to break out and lay down excess pipe that has been left in the derrick. Though it does not make up pipe to full torque, it does tighten the joint to 1,500 ft. lbs. sufficient to allow the stand to be set back in the derrick.

For conventional rotary drilling, the patented Rotating Mousehole Tool can be used as a multi-purpose device to replace the kelly spinner, thus substantially reducing the length of the drilling assembly.

A number of field studies by major operators have documented significant savings in manpower and costs achieved by use of the Mousehole Tool. It reduces the number of hands needed to make up stands of pipe and eliminated, in some instances, the need for a hand in the derrick.