Q2-Seal Wiper System

Our Q2-Seal is designed to keep sand out of plunger/barrel interface by wiping the inside of barrel and preventing solids from entering this critical area while the pump produces fluids to the surface.

Q2‐Seal includes an upper external thread and a lower internal thread formed on adapter. Wiper is assembled on the shoulder of the adapter. Wiper has outer edge suitable for moving closely to the interior surface of the barrel.

Q2‐Seal is installed one above the plunger connected to cage and plunger connector, and one below the plunger connected to plunger cage and seat plug. When Plunger moves downward, oil and sand will move upward through interior passageway of the adapter, and flows outward through the cage ports into the exterior of the plunger cage and interior of the barrel.


  • Extends pump run time
  • Reduce workover costs
  • Prevents sand cut on plunger and barrel
  • Prevents sand from seizing the plunger

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