Q2-Flow 1-Piece Insert Guided Cage

Q2 Artificial Lift Services’ Q2-Flow 1-Piece Insert Guided Cages utilizes Q2-Flow™ Inserts. The Q2-Flow™ inserts allows the gas to remain in solution as its unique shape forces the fluid into a vortex spin. The Vortex flow from below causes a reverse seat, sealing the ball in place from underneath. The inner section of the insert can be “carved out” to handle larger amounts of solids, without the ball causing major vibrational damage. Alternative inserts also give more clearance to allow for solids to flow through the inserts with less restriction. Our Q2-Flow insert guided cage was developed to provide the maximum service life in the severe conditions. Q2 Artificial Lift Services utilizes Tangentflow™ Inserts.


  • Reduce pressure drop by up to 40%
  • Reduce cage failure by distributing ball impact forces evenly across upper three ribs and inner wall of the cage
  • Increase of pump efficiency in gas cut environment
  • Handle solids more efficiently than the conventional inserts
  • Scale and paraffin build up is minimized as lower pressure drop across valve occurs from vortex flow
  • Increasing the ID of Insert will not impact wear due to reduced ball vibration compared to conventional inserts
  • Alternate size balls can be used as the uniform vortex flow from below helps control ball chatter. Good for
    handling higher solids and for increasing the flow
  • Balls wear uniformly due to the inside of the inserts spherical dimensions and have a longer lifespan