Packer Stage Cementing Collar

Forum Energy Technologies’ Davis-Lynch packer stage cementing collar (PSC) helps ensure proper placement of competent cement in the intermediate casing string, while expanding the operating envelope. By combining an inflatable packer and a stage cementing collar, the PSC reduces NPT and well construction costs, while complying with regulatory requirements and minimizing HSE risks.

The packer stage cementing collar can assist with:

  • Isolating the hydrostatic head of the second-stage cement from the first-stage cement, and from pressure-sensitive zones below it
  • Keeping cement from falling around pre-drilled or slotted liners
  • Selectively placing cement across widely separated zones of interest
  • Preventing gas migration that can ruin primary cement jobs and lead to annular gas problems at the surface and expensive squeeze work

Although the combination packer stage collar serves two purposes, it is only one tool. This means that it can be serviced by one person, which eliminates the cost of the second person who would be required if a stage collar and inflatable packer were individually purchased from two separate companies.



  • Helps ensure zonal isolation, especially through trouble zone with one easy-to-use tool
  • Reduces HSE risks associated with trouble zones and incorrectly placed cement jobs
  • Eliminates flat time
  • Reduces the chance of remedial squeeze cementing
  • Eliminates the need to bump first-stage cementing plug


  • First- and second stage plugs
  • Can be run in sequence
  • Compatible in oil- and water-based muds
  • Able to pump second-stage cement immediately
  • Combines two tools into one