Modulever™ Power-Assist Brakes

Power assist rig brake system for your well servicing or drilling rig draw works new or used

The Modulever™ Power-Assist Rig Brakes is a system that provides power assist braking to the driller. A unique system to retrofit your new, used or refurbished rig with a power brake system that reduces operator effort by 2/3 yet still maintains the “feel” of the brake lever. Installation is very simple and operators quickly and easily adapt to it.



  • Higher productivity from your rig
  • Helps operator to keep up with Rig capacity
  • More efficient utilization of splash water
  • Parked rig is more secure from vandalism
  • Spring park brake must have air to release
  • Corrosion Resistant. Made with Non-Corrosive Materials
  • Less risk of Crown Out. Better Reverse Braking.
  • SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY. All of the features of the Modulever™ Power Brake System improve safety.