Mechanical Rotary Torque System

Delivers reliable torque measurements for rigs that use chain-driven rotary tables

Available in box-mount or panel-mount configurations, the Forum Hydraulic Rotary Torque System provides accurate indications of changes in torque for rigs that use chain-driven rotary tables.

Each system includes an Idler assembly and a Gauge.

To order specify:

  • Bracket-mount or panel-mount gauge
  • Gauge capacity
  • Chain size
  • Chain width (single or double)
  • Hose length (35 feet is standard)



  • 6-inch fluid-filled Gauge
  • Available in 500 and 1,000 points
  • Gauge has operator-adjustable dial to zero out drill string in order to monitor torque at the bit
  • Standard 35-foot hose, with other hose lengths available
  • Rugged Steel Sprocket available (replaces rubber wheel located in Idler assembly)


  • Gauge damper minimizes pointer oscillations caused by drilling and drill string vibration, ensuring accurate readings and increasing the life-span of the gauge.
  • Helps driller know when to change drill bits by indicating hole conditions and torque patterns.
  • Increases safety and optimizes drilling efficiency by providing warnings about possible twist-offs, locked cones on the bit, out-of-gauge holes, and formation changes.
  • Connects easily to Forum drilling recorders to track and record trends.