Manual Fill Float Shoes

Davis manual-fill float shoes and float collars are simple in design and operation. They have been engineered and manufactured to withstand the high temperatures encountered and the high pressures created by differences in fluid columns when floating, landing, and cementing strings of casing. Davis’ standard design manual-fill float shoes and float collars are manufactured with the Davis PVTS valve. This valve is a spring-actuated, plunger-type, one-way check valve. It is designed to withstand high temperatures and large volumes of fluids pumped at high flow rates.

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It also provides an effective seal under both high and low pressure conditions when casing is run and cemented in either the vertical or horizontal position. The valve housing and closure element are made with a phenolic material. High strength concrete is the compound that molds the valve in the machined housing to form a strong singular unit. Despite the high compressive strength of the concrete, and the shear strength of the valve, Davis float shoes and collars are easily drilled with conventional or PDC bits. Because of its proven performance qualities, the PVTS valve is used in all manual-fill Davis float equipment including double-valve shoes and collars, and all inner-string cementing equipment including the tag-in, screw-in, and latch-in designs. Since Davis float shoes and float collars are usually manufactured from steel that has a greater wall thickness than the pipe body of the casing string they are run in, they normally have burst and collapse resistance greater than the casing string.