Lube/Thread Compounds

FORUMLOK™ Thread-Locking Compound

Fast Cure Forumlok Thread-Locking Compound replaces welding for casing joints on the bottom lengths to prevent unscrewing while drilling out cement. Welding of shoes, couplings, and collars to casing often weakens the casing and should be avoided wherever possible.

Withstanding High Breakout Torque. Tests under bottom hole temperatures ranging from 50° through 400° F showed Forumlok withstood greater torque than a standard joint welded in three places with 2 inch beads. Unaffected by Vibration. At 400° F Forumlok was subjected to a steady breakout torque for 8 hours while under continuous vibration from a 6 pound air hammer. Breakout torque was increased until six times the 3,300 ft-lb makeup torque finally broke the joint. High Lubricity. Tests were made using Forumlok on one side of a standard coupling and API Modified Thread Dope on the other. Identical pin threads were made up into the coupling. For the same amount of torque, the joint with Forumlok made up further and was cooler than the joint lubricated with standard thread dope. Forumlok has a 1.18 Friction Factor/Torque Factor. Leak proof Seal. Joints made up with Forumlok using standard torque were tested with water pressures in excess of the listed burst pressure of the casing. The joint showed no leakage.

Corrosion Resistant. Five different samples of Forumlok covered steel and underwent a 96 hour ASTM and salt spray test. The result: no visible change in Forumlok; no acceleration of the normal corrosion rate on the five samples of steel. Unaffected by Low Temperature Storage. Forumlok was stored at -50° F and then thawed, mixed, applied, cured and tested for breakout torque. No detrimental effects due to freezing were detected.