Kelly Spinners

The A6 series are assembled on a 7-11/16 in. OD, 3-1/4 in. ID, 31 in. long heavy-duty sub, which adds 30 the drilling assembly.

The proprietary B7 Series Kelly Spinners are designed for smaller rigs where there is no room for an additional 30 inches in the assembly. In this new series the Kelly Spinner attaches to the bottom of the swivel so no additional length is added.


  • Dual motor systems for right and left hand rotation
  • Variable speed
  • Use of a Bendix to engage the ring gear, with both positively aligned on the assembly
  • Pneumatic units can be retrofitted with hydraulic motors
  • Special mufflers are available for the air-powered models


Specifications Output Free Spin
Model A6C (Air) 1,100 ft·lbf at 120 psi 170 rpm at 5.5 cfs
Model A6H (Hydraulic) 1,100 ft·lbf at 2,500 psi 140 rpm at 25 gpm
Model B7 (Air) 840 ft·lbf at 120 psi 210 rpm at 5.5 cfs
Model B7H (Hydraulic) 840 ft·lbf at 2,500 psi 180 rpm at 25 gpm