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Custom built console systems combine state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation and drilling control systems

Forum’s Drilling Instrumentation operations consoles deliver maximum efficiency and performance for land and offshore drilling. Forum can manufacture consoles, houses, and instrument labs to keep your drilling operation running at optimum efficiency. We offer a selection of standard consoles that can be customized to the specific requirements of your drilling environment.

The Forum Advantage

Experienced designers and engineers simplify and streamline your rig outfitting project, including design, equipment selection, and manufacturing.

Rig Floor Workstation

An integral component of consoles, the ADW 8600 Rig Floor Workstation displays a variety of important data, with a display that’s easy to read even in sunlight. And when you use the workstation as part of the Advanced Driller Monitor System (ADMS), crucial drilling information and office messages are instantly available in a single workstation — clearly displayed in graphical and digital formats. Customizable screens show trends, torque measurements, high/low fluctuations, pump counts, pipe tally, and much more.



  • A wide range of gauges, controls, and data acquisition instruments available for monitoring, controlling, and recording, such as:
    • Bit and hook weight
    • ROP and depth
    • Rotary RPM and torque
    • Pump pressure and speed
    • Mud flow, gain, and loss
    • Mud temperature and density
    • Hydrocarbon gas
  • Consoles can incorporate products, as well as products from other suppliers to provide the optimum solution for your particular drilling operation.
  • Console enclosures can be manufactured from 316L stainless steel for maximum durability in corrosive offshore environments.
  • Meet or exceed domestic and international standards for hazardous area use.


  • Easy-to-use, ergonomic rig controls enhance operator performance and reduce distractions.
  • Effective, creative, efficient solutions overcome size and space limitations.
  • Built to last and engineered to operate in extreme environments.
  • Quality inspections and testing ensure complete conformance to your exact specifications.
  • Highly customizable screens display the important data the driller needs.
  • User can set high and low alarms.
  • Easy to use, graphical analog gauges display information such as rotary RPM, torque, and pressure.
  • Log screens display current conditions, past conditions, and trends.
  • Displays system data such as file sizes and available hard drive space.
  • User-configurable hot keys quickly display important data.