ICE® Rig Monitor System

The new ICE Rig Monitor system brings you an easy-to-use Windows®-based software and hardware package that lightens your load while it works wonders. Check historical data, work wirelessly, sharing reports and queries with team members, from anywhere in the world. Know that your critical data is protected, both locally and on our highly secure offsite server.
One system, multiple advantages:

  • Real-time monitoring and logging
  • User-friendly touch-screen controls
  • Advanced, streamlined wireless networking
  • Seamless interface with other systems and programs
  • Password-protected data security
  • Modular, easily expandable architecture
  • Reliable 8- to 12-hour battery backup

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Forum expertise at your side

Forum drilling experts have decades of experience in advanced drilling management. We can provide guidance every step of the way, along with any sensors you need, to make sure your drilling operation is safe and successful.

Proven ICE technology, with added flexibility

Built on Forum’s recognized ICE proprietary software engine, originally developed for precision subsea ROV tether management, our evolutionary ICE Rig Monitor is suitable for both offshore and land-based drilling environments.

This system uses WITS communication to provide accurate, diagnostic data to input/output stations, and offers the ability to expand the system with a click of a button.

Ultimate reliability

Because power distribution is key, the ICE Rig Monitor provides clean and conditioned power to the complete system, with superior battery backup for reliability you can count on.