High-Performance Rod System

Longer Equipment Life and Enhanced Drilling Performance

Forum’s high-performance (HP) rod system—part of the P-Quip® fluid end mud pump solution— is designed to eliminate problems associated with traditional clamp systems. A quick connection between the pony rod and piston rod, utilizing powerful spring forces, virtually eliminates pony-to-piston rod misalignment and wear.

Dismantling and re-assembly of the complete rod system takes under five minutes, which reduces downtime and HSE issues associated with maintenance. There are no flanged joints on the rods to chip, wear or break; hence, rod life is enhanced. Because the rod is self-aligned, the life of the piston and liner is significantly improved along with drilling performance.

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  • Reduced downtime, piston can be changed in five minutes
  • Lowered HSE risks and costs, due to lost time incidents such as pinched fingers etc.
  • Improved drilling efficiency and piston/liner life since traditional rod clamp failures are eliminated


  • Integral liner flushing systems
  • No heavy clamps or connecting threads and studs
  • Automatically controlled clamping force – no more broken rod ends
  • Versions available for most pumps from 1,000 to 2,200 HP