High-Performance Discharge Strainer System

Minimize Equipment Change-outs and HSE Incidents

Forum’s high-performance (HP) discharge strainer system—part of the P-Quip® fluid end mud pump solution—is a key component of the overall drilling operation. Designed with powerful spring mechanisms, the HP system allows fast and easy access for changing or cleaning strainers.

Downtime and HSE risks are significantly reduced since hammers or cheater bars are not required to install the system.



  • Decreased downtime with five-minute clean out or strainer change
  • Inherently safe, no hammers or cheater bars required to install
  • Reduced lifecycle cost
  • Improved drilling efficiency and equipment life since cover will not loosen during operation


  • Automatic clamping means no more under or over tightening
  • Easy operation with a conventional air- or hand-operated hydraulic pump
  • Direct replacement for OEM equipment
  • Stainless steel strainer tubes
  • Versions available for most pumps from 1,000 to 2,200 HP