Gas Compression Pump

For extreme gas handling demands, the QALS Gas Compressor Pump is effective in overcoming gas locking in deep wells. It’s robust construction and 2-stage compression design efficiently moves gas through the pump: this is particularly important when pumping beneath a packer. The use of a mercury style plunger, with its increased wall thickness and spray-metal coating, greatly increases rigidity and wear resistance over other 2-stage designs. Maximum gas handling performance is available at extreme depths, up to 13,000 ft. Upgraded materials can also be selected to combat damage due to corrosive well bore conditions.


  • 2-stage compression provides enhanced compression
  • Mercury style plunger for improved rigidity and wear resistance
  • Precision plunger to barrel fits and highly wear resistance finishes for both compression stages
  • Upgradable materials available for enhanced corrosion resistance


  • Eliminates gas lock
  • Eliminates gas/fluid pound
  • Reduces compression rod loading and stress
  • Increases oil and gas production through increased pump efficiency
  • Ability to pump from beneath packer
  • Stronger, improved design compared to other pumps for gas handling applications
  • Can be ran at extreme depths, up to 13,000 ft
  • Rigid design enables increased downhole plunger travel

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