Electric Rotary Torque System

Reliable torque measurements for rigs that use electric motor-driven rotary tables

Engineered to provide years of accurate, reliable measurement of rotary torque on electric rigs, the Forum Electric Rotary Torque System delivers precision performance. Each system includes a Current Transducer and a Signal Conditioner. Other available system components include an Amp Meter and an E/P Transducer.

Simple design with no moving parts reduces maintenance requirements and protects your equipment investment.

To order specify:

  • Meter capacity, in amps
  • Meter measurement: amps, or amps vs foot pounds (or metric equivalent)
  • Classification of installation area



  • Meter can indicate torque in amps, foot pounds, or metric units of measurement.
  • Current Transducer attaches to DC power cable; no electrical connections are required.
  • Signal Conditioner delivers output to meters, E/P Transducer, drilling recorder, and other data acquisition devices.