Electric Power Unit Model EPU-027

WESTCO Part Number Model HPU-027 Power Unit has 380 volts 50 Hz, 3 phase AC, 68 Amperes full motor load current draw.

Explosion Proof Junction box, containing Circuit Breaker, Motor Starter & Overload (O/L) Relay., (emergency) Stop and O/L Relay Reset and “On” indicator light.

Explosion Proof Electric Motor 50 HP, 1480 RPM. Motor-mounted tandem dual flow Gear Pump, complete with integral system Relief Valve, Unloader Valve, and Pressure Gauge.

HPU Skid is fitted with 90 baffled gallon (340 L) Oil Tank, complete with Suction Filter, Return Filter, thermometer and 2 Thermostatically controlled Immersion Heaters (each 2.36 KW, 380 Volts, 3 phase, 4.8KW total).

HPU fitted with Remote Start/Stop station on 30 meter long cable, and fitted with 30 meter SOOW4/2 Power cable “pig tail”.

Unit is fitted with a tandem or dual sage stage pump. When the Pump Control Valve is the closed or “casing tong” position (small ¼”control valve located on the side of the tank), the pump automatically transitions from approx. 50 GPM at 1100 psi to approx. 25 GPM at 2000 psi.

When the Pump Control valve is in the open or “tubing tong” position, only one of the (two tandem) pump sections is active, and flow is restricted to 25 GPM at all pressures.

Maximum flow rate: High Flow (casing tong position): 52 GPM (197 LPM) at 1100 PSI (83 bar), Low Flow: 25 GPM (95 LPM at 2500 PSI (172 bar). Max Pressure (Relief valve setting): 2500 PSI.

Unit fitted with oil-to-water heat exchanger (oil cooler).

With lifting points and overhead hose storage basket.


  • Length: 90” (2286 mm)
  • Width: 50” (1168 mm)
  • Height: 46” (1168 mm)