Drilling Recorder

Durable, reliable recorder delivers crucial drilling data

An essential tool for all drilling operations, the Drilling Recorder provides accurate, duplicate 12-hour or 24-hour charts that record measurements of virtually all crucial drilling functions, such as drill string weight, penetration rate, and other data.

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To order specify:

  • Sensors required
  • Number of pens (3, 5, or 7)
  • Functions to record
  • 12- or 24-hour chart drive
  • Wire and hose lengths



  • Duplicate 12-hour or 24-hour strip charts in English, metric, or SI metric measurements.
  • Available in 3-, 5-, or 7-pen configurations.
  • Recordings include:
    • Weight
      Detects downhole problems such as tight holes or cave-ins as they occur.
    • Penetration
      Indicates each 1-foot and 5-foot depth drilled (or each 1/3 meter and 1 meter).
    • Rotary RPM
      Enables optimum penetration.
    • Torque
      Alerts operator about problems such as worn bits, formation changes, and out-of-gauge holes.
    • Pump rate SPM
      Ensures accurate calculations of fluid volume pumped into the system. When used with other records, can help predict kick areas for offset wells.
    • Pump pressure
      Provides warning of potential downhole problems.
    • Pit level
      Indicates problems such as kicks or lost circulation.
    • Fluid flow
      Warns of lost circulation, formation fluid influx, or kicks.


  • Engineered for durability
  • Simple design makes maintenance easy
  • Includes rugged chart storage container