Drill Pipe Float Valves

Forum is the original manufacturer of Baker Drill Pipe Float Valves. Forum Drill Pipe Float Valves have become an industry standard with their superior engineering, quality, construction, and dependability in service and are committed to continuous improvement.

Forum manufactures a complete line of Float Valves, Repair Kits, and Puller Assemblies to accommodate a wide range of drilling situations and operating conditions, including H2S and Steam Service. These Drill Pipe Float Valves provide added blowout protection at the bottom of the drillstring, prevent flowback when joints are added, and keep cuttings out of the drillpipe to prevent bit plugging while making connections.

Forum Drill Pipe Float Valves have been designed, manufactured, tested, and certified in accordance with accepted engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance standards including, but not limited to, the following documents or publications.

Note: It is recommended that if multiple Drill Pipe Float Valves are run in the same string, they be separated. However the Model GS may be stacked.


Quality Construction

  • American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • American Society for Metals (ASM)
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
  • Rubber Manufacturer’s Association (RMA)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

Rated Operating Pressure

  • Model F Drill Pipe Float Valves rated 7,500 WP
  • Model G & GS Drill Pipe Float Valves rated 7,500 WP


Cage construction of the various Models F and G includes ductile iron and low alloy steel on the 6F size only. Hardness levels of these are at or below 22 Rockwell C to resist hydrogen sulfide stress cracking when used for H2S applications. The Model GS cage is made from low alloy steel. There is an option for low alloy steel cage in some Model F sizes.

Stainless steel available upon request.


Models F and G utilize high alloy springs for all applications.

Seal and Shock Absorber Elastomers

Application Material Temperature
Standard Nitrile (BUNA) 100°C [212°F]
Hi-Temp Viton 204°C [400°F]
H2S HSN/HNBR 149°C [300°F]
Hi-Temp H2S L’Garde 232°C [450°F]
Geothermal L’Garde 232°C [450°F]
Steam L’Garde 232°C [450°F]
Hi-Temp Over 450°F KALREZ (FFKM) 327°C [620°F]