Deflection-type Weight Indicator

Compact, versatile, portable weight indicator for small drilling and workover rigs

Designed for use on small drilling units, the Forum Deflection-type Weight Indicator is easy to move from rig to rig. The Weight Indicator system consists of a Gauge and a Deadline Diaphragm, connected by a high-pressure Hose. The deadline diaphragm converts line-load into a hydraulic pressure signal that is transmitted to the gauge. All system components fit inside a steel container for convenient, compact storage. Built-in handles make the entire system easy to transport.

To order specify:

  • Size of rig
  • Size of drilling wireline
  • Derrick capacity in pounds
  • Number of lines strung
  • Hose length



  • Ready for immediate use — Each system is assembled, loaded with Forum indicator fluid, calibrated, tested, and sealed before shipment.
  • Adjustable dampers allow operator-controlled pointer sensitivity.
  • Can be mounted near the driller or on the mast or derrick, for optimum setup in any drilling situation — avoiding problems that can result from deadline-mounting, such as buffeting by line vibration.
  • Equipped with 10 different dials calibrated for number and size of line in pounds, kilograms, or decanewtons, for easy, flexible measurement readings.
  • Rugged, compact container with built-in handles makes this system easy to transport — even by one person.


  • Large, easy-to-read gauge
  • Compatible with all industry-standard deadline anchors
  • Built to last — delivers accurate measurements even in extreme drilling and environmental conditions