Compound Pointer Pressure Gauge

Dual-pointer pressure indicator systems deliver accurate measurements for mud, cementing, acidizing, and fracturing operations

Forum Compound Pointer Pressure Gauge systems accurately measure and display pump pressures for downhole cementing, high-pressure hydraulic fracturing, or acidizing oil pay operations.

A standard pointer provides a full 360° sweep of the dial, and a vernier pointer offers 4 to 1 resolution for indicating even small pressure changes. The system consists of a 6-inch Pressure Gauge, a Gauge Protector, and a high-pressure Hose.

To order specify:

  • Application
  • Required capacity
  • Required hose length
  • Gauge mounting



  • Standard capacities include:
    • 4,000, 8,000, 12,000, and 16,000 psi
    • 400, 800, 1200 kg/cm²
    • 40, 80, 120 MPa
  • Durable 517-152 Gauge Protector mounts with
    2-inch NPT sub
  • Operational in temperature ranges of -50° to +150° F
    (-45° to +65° C)
  • Accuracy rate of ± 1.0% of full indication
  • Available in box-mount and panel-mount configurations
  • Standard 50-foot hose, with other hose lengths available


  • Gauge can be mounted in any convenient location —
    perfect for use on service trucks.
  • Vernier pointer provides 4 times more resolution for the same pressure change — measuring small pressure changes caused by formation breakdown, perforation plugs, and fractures.
  • Fluid-filled gauge protects readings from truck or rig vibration.
  • Operator-adjustable controls enable steady pointer movement.
  • Provides all the advantages of the standard pump pressure gauge, with the added accuracy of the vernier pointer.
  • Measurements can be easily recorded by hydraulic circular recorders or electronic remote strip recorders.