Chrome Brass Barrels

Featuring precision honed hard chrome plating inside a precision honed C443 Admiralty brass tube, Chrome plated brass barrels are designed to resist severe abrasion and moderately corrosive well conditions such as H2S and CO2.

Quality of preparation before chroming guarantees long shelf life of product and durability in the ground.

Standard carbon steel chrome ID barrels are made from 1026 carbon steel and meet the latest edition of API 11AX specifications and NACE standard MR0176 for A1 chrome plating on steel pump barrel material. We also have the ability to double chrome plate barrels for increased wear resistance.

Brass chrome ID barrels are made from 443 admiralty brass, which has higher corrosion resistance than steel and meets the latest edition of API 11AX Specification and NACE Standard MR0176 for A5 chrome plating on brass pump barrel material.

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