B+V Oil Tools Manual Slips

Forum has the largest range of B+V Oil Tools Manual Tongs:

  • RSX® & RSM Drill Pipe Slips, range 2 3/8″ up to 7″
  • DCS, DCM & DCL® Drill Collar Slips, range 3″ up to 14″
  • CSL® & CSC Casing Slips, range 6 5/8″ up to 36″
  • Slips designed with API taper 4 in/ft
  • LRS Load Rated Slips, rated 750 ton, available in accordance with B+V Specification
  • All sizes of Circular Buttons and Inserts on stock

® RSX, DCL and CSL are registered trademarks of FORUM B + V Oil Tools GmbH, registered in Germany and used with permission