Bulk Tank Systems

Accurate load measurements for bulk tanks and hoppers

Forum Bulk Tank Systems provide extremely accurate load measurements for bulk Gauge, a Compression Load Cell (for bulk tanks) or a Tension Load Cell (for hoppers), and a Hydraulic Hose.


  • Accurate measurements in extreme conditions — operational in ambient temperature range of -20° to 120° F (-29° to 49° C).
  • Gauge dial faceplates available calibrated in pounds, tons, or kilograms.
  • Operator-adjustable damper smooths gauge pointer sensitivity.
  • Operator-adjustable dial gear rotates the dial for easy tare adjustment.
  • Compression or tension load cells available.
  • Standard 25-foot hydraulic hose, with additional lengths available.
  • Hydraulic hose available in 3/16-inch diameter, single wire braid construction
    or 1/4-inch diameter, double wire braid construction.
  • Bulk tank hinges available.

To order specify:

  • Sensors required
  • Dial capacity
  • Load cell configuration
  • Hose length