State-of-the-art driller automatically maintains optimum weight on bit

The Forum Auto-Driller (equivalent to the Satellite® Automatic Driller) automatically maintains deadline tension, enabling a constant penetration rate for fast and efficient drilling. This durable driller reduces drilling costs, increases bit life, and helps ensure an accurate drilling path.



  • Two-speed gear unit covers a wide range of penetration rates.
  • Advanced air valve provides smooth response even in tough drilling environments.
  • Hydraulically-activated control unit receives the weight signal directly from the rig’s weight indicator or deadline anchor sensor, eliminating the need for extra equipment. (An optional weight sensor diaphragm is available for situations in which an existing weight indicator cannot be used.)
  • Forum Auto-Driller components include:
    • Deadline tension sensor
    • Controller assembly
    • Air motor
    • Differential gear asembly
    • Drum rotation sensor


  • Rugged design assures reliable results even in extreme environments.
  • Easy to install.
  • Uses rig air pressure — no external power source required.
  • Speed control automatically adjusts to all drilling conditions and formations.
  • Precision weight on bit control maintains constant penetration rate.