The Production Saver Tool (PST Valve) installs in the rod string 2 or 3 rods above a Progressing Cavity Pump and seats in a standard API Seating Nipple. During a shut-down event, the valve closes preventing the fluid in the tubing column from draining back through the PCP. On re-start the valve is opened by the fluid flow from the pump.


  • Drivehead backspin is limited to releasing the torque stored in the rod string, providing a much quicker re-start time
  • Fluid to surface is immediate once system is re-started. No need to re-fill the tubing string
  • Pressure is maintained on the stator, greatly reducing the effects of Explosive Decompression on the stator elastomer


  • Flushable with no change in standard procedure, unit un-seats along with the rotor
  • Engineered flow pattern for minimal flow losses


Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics soft-ware used to design optimum flow patterns for minimum flow losses.

  • Maximum flow rate of 2500 bfpd
  • Oil Viscosity range from 1 to 10,000 cP
  • Maximum temperature 250°C (485°F)
  • Available for 5-1/2, 4-1/2, 3-1/2 and 2-7/8 inch tubing
  • Seats in standard API Seating Nipple
  • Tru-release shuttle valve constructed of Zirconium Ceramic for extreme abrasion resistance, cycles and harsh impact
  • Sliding surfaces made from nano-tube carbon composite

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