Composite Plated Tubing

Q2 Composite Plated Tubing (CPT) was developed to be an improvement to the production tubing that is currently available on the market. It allows for reduced friction, lower wear, open flow and is available in all API grades of tubing.

There are many types of solutions on the market, from standard tubing, plastic lined tubing, epoxy coated tubing and hardened tubing, either by case hardening or boronizing. Each takes a niche, but with Q2-CPT tubing we overlap all the niches to provide a solution that provides the best value for the customer.

Q2-CPT tubing is manufactured under license using a patented process. All tubing starts off as seamless tubing and then is manufactured to the various API Grades as needed by our customers. The tubing is manufactured as regular tubing up to the plating process where the internal diameter is specially processed to have a uniform surface. It is then cleaned, acid etched, and plated to proper thickness with a proprietary plating composition. The tubing is then heat treated to cure the plating to the proper hardness. This heat treatment does not have an effect on the original grade of material like other processes such as boronizing. If it starts off as L80 it remains L80 after the plating process.

Our Premium tubing is additionally nickel-carbide plated on the outer diameter to increase resistance to corrosion.


  • High hardness plating [68-70HRC] with low coefficient of friction.
  • The plating is highly resistant to aggressive service such as H2S, CO2, NaCI, HCI, etc. Resistance to H2SO4 based on temperature and density.
  • The plating does not fail under high heat or pressure.
    No restriction of flow in the I.D. as with poly-lined or epoxy coated tubing.
  • Seamless tubing.
  • No distortions or cracking of threads or the tubing body as can occur with boronized tubing due to the high temperatures to process.

Products Offered

  • J55, L80 and N80 grades of range 2 tubing (27′-32′, typically 31.5′ in length).
  • Sizes available; 2-3/8″, 2-7/8″ and 3-1/2″.
  • Each joint has a coupling torqued in place.
  • Standard = I.D. plated only.
  • Premium = with Nickel-Carbide plated O.D. added (special order).

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