Our Team

Our team at GPOT includes industry specialists with practical hands on experience, who each bring a unique set of skills to the business. The quality of our service stems from a loyal employee base who’s dedication, commitment and knowledge ensure that we are the best choice for the job.

Wayne Murphy

Operations Manager

Wayne has over 20 years of experience in the drilling industry, specialising in procurement, warehousing and sales. His previous experience in supplying equipment to oil, gas, geo-thermal and exploration projects has provided invaluable operational insights. As Operations Manager, Wayne ensures the timely supply of quality equipment and services to business and operators. Wayne is recognised by his peers in the oil and gas field for his extensive knowledge and wisdom.

Email waynem@gpot.com.au
Phone 0400131542
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Kevin Jones

Engineering Services Manager

Kevin ‘s career, furnished by industry giants such as Incitec, Mitchell, Lucas, NOV and DNOW, specialises in building and servicing drilling, pumping and compression equipment in the midstream and downstream operations sectors. As the Engineering Services Manager, his remit spanned the service, repair and upgrade of rotary and reciprocating machines and his current appointment at GPOT will harness the craft he has honed for over 40 years in industry. Kevin demonstrates an unwavering commitment to providing a comprehensive, reliability focused engineering service, underpinned by a solution centric ethos to deliver true value to end customers.

Email kevinj@gpot.com.au
Phone 0499744711
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Kristian Cavallaro

Sales Executive

Kristian has over 5 years of industry experience at General Petroleum Oil Tools. Kristian is the lead of the internal sales team, and is known for his dedication to customer service. Kristian helps his customers by being available to help via his phone and email 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Kristian loves snowboarding is a CASI Level 2 Instructor.

Email krisc@gpot.com.au
Phone 0466215218
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Kyle Allingham

Sales Manager

Kyle brings 15 years of experience and industry knowledge to the GPOT team, including 5 years of onshore drilling operational experience in the U.S. and Canada. While based in Malaysia, Kyle held Business Development and Product Line management roles supporting Oil and Gas customers throughout Asia, with a recent focus on the Australian market.  Kyle has joined the GPOT Team as the Sales Executive and is responsible for providing GPOT’s customers with proven oilfield products and solutions. Although an avid sports fan, Kyle is still struggling to understand the rules of AFL.

Email kylea@gpot.com.au
Phone 0475 455 299
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Daniel Cloete

Distribution Centre Manager

Daniel is an experienced warehouse logistics and materials manager out at Dalby, and has been contributing to the growth of the centre for almost 4 years. Daniel’s number one priority is critical needs, helping GPOT customers get up and running, as quickly as possible. Daniel is looking forward to the expansion of Dalby’s Distribution Centre and the improved life cycle management support and service both him and the team will be able to offer GPOT customers.

Email inventory@gpot.com.au
Phone 07 4662 4485
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Sam Cavallaro

Managing Director

Building on his earlier experience in the mechanical industry, Sam began his career at GPOT as Operations Manager. Hard work, results and industry knowledge saw him promoted and named General Manager. Four years down the track and Sam now heads the leadership team as Managing Director. Sam’s guidance drives the GPOT vision of providing customers with the best service and equipment possible. Sam is passionate about his love for golf!

Email samc@gpot.com.au
Phone 0403751252
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Richard Schokman

General Manager – Strategy

Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team with over 40 years of industry experience, working specifically in the oil & gas field for over 32 of those 40 years. Richard drives efficiency on a daily basis, ensuring that the commitments GPOT makes to their key internal and external stakeholders are executed to the best of the companies ability. Richard is a friendly family guy and is also an avid petrol head.

Email richards@gpot.com.au
Phone 0412571072
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Amanda McCosker

Financial Controller

Amanda is a CPA with over 15 years of experience in business services and taxation. She has worked overseas in the banking sector. She has strong analytical skills, exceptional problem-solving skills and possesses a flair for numbers. She is highly organised and has excellent leadership skills. Amanda undertakes all aspects of financial management, including corporate accounting, financial reporting, budget preparation, financial risk management and developing internal control policies and procedures. She enjoys travelling (when she can) and reading.

Email amandam@gpot.com.au
Phone 0449169231

William Cavallaro

Internal Sales

Welcome back Will! William has worked his way up in the company from the shop floor. Grandson of John McPhie (Ole Blue) started out working at our Distribution Centre in Dalby and over a period of 6 years has built a thriving career under the mentorship of Wayne Murphy, to now manage our Internal Sales division. William has a strong interest in Food and Wine and has completed his Level 2 Sommelier course with a high distinction. He has also spent the last two years working in the hospitality industry in Canada which has helped him broaden his experience and bring a fresh perspective to work. It’s great to have him back in the Business!

Email willc@gpot.com.au
Phone 0499075966