To most people in the Oil, Gas, Mining and Drilling sector, GPOT  is highly respected and renowned for delivering world-class supply chain and delivery solutions.

However, one of the areas which sets GPOT apart is the design, repair, parts remanufacturing, modification and recertification services offered by the General Petroleum Managed Services division.

These include:

  • Forum Equipment Repairs and Testing
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Engineering
  • Pressure Testing
  • Pump Repairs

Here are some projects completed by Kevin Jones, Service Engineer Manager, showing how we have helped clients with our tailored solutions:


The task involved:

  • Manufacture of transport baskets and equipment skids
  • Engineer designed, tested and certified


Westco / Gill / Foster    Power Tong Rebuilds

  • Structural integrity assessment – NDT and dimensional inspections
  • Drives system rebuild includes clutch, chain and sprockets
  •  Hydraulic system o/haul of pump, valve bank and cylinders
  • Function check on completion
Obannon 25 ton Sucker Rod Swivel Hooks and Elevators

  • Non destructive crack test inspection
  • Bearing, safety latch and trigger replaced
  • Assembled, function and load tested

Seal Change and Testing

Double Gate BOP seal change and testing

  • Strip and inspection to determine the condition
  • Genuine parts replacement
  • Assemble, pressure and function check
Drive Heads

  • Strip and inspection to determine the suitability for repair
  • Genuine parts replacement
  • Assemble and function check

Drilling Valve Repairs

5000 psi Drilling Valve Repairs

  • Strip and inspect
  • Replace failed parts
  • Assemble and hydrostatic pressure test
There are many such case-studies where we have helped our customers with tailored solutions to help them extend the life of their products, improve efficiency and keep the business flowing smoothly.

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