The Woodlands, TX: Morphpackers, a leading provider of revolutionary and highly innovative expandable steel packers for the oil and gas industry, announced a distributor agreement with General Petroleum Oil Tools (GPOT). With roots in drilling and completion equipment and experience in coal seam gas and conventional oil and gas spaces, General Petroleum is a 25-year-old company headquartered and operating in Australia.

General Petroleum focuses on 3 key areas including conventional and non-conventional oil and gas, on-shore and off-shore conventional, and drilling and workover rigs. As a trusted solution provider, they have access to quality equipment and quality OEM supplies their customers need for mining, de-gasification and gas drainage, as well as water pumps and water movement-related supplies.

Due to the geographical isolation of the Australian market, access to the latest technology is often delayed or unavailable. Large, multi-national companies that have an Australian presence typically use the products and technologies they’re accustomed to, even if these tools are out of date.

Morphpackers offers cost-effective, unique technical solutions that make recompletions both economically and technically achievable.

“Morphpackers recognises the opportunities for our technology in the Australian oil patch. There are many older wells in both conventional and unconventional that can benefit from some type of re-stimulation,” said Alfredo Sanchez, Morphpackers CEO. “But for a company out of North America to expand into Australia, you need the right partner. GPOT has the technical background and experience we look for in a partner, and the way they do business aligns nicely with our core values.”

“Morphpackers is the ideal partner to solve problems for both who we partner with and who we seek out as customers. Their technology provides a differentiated solution that’s economical and reliable – both vital qualities in a remote location like Australia,” said Sam Cavallaro, Managing Director for General Petroleum Oil Tools.

General Petroleum Oil Tools has also developed a robust product offering in the well construction space. With this partnership, the company expects to increase focus on their service mindset, supporting the equipment they sell throughout its lifecycle. Kyle Allingham, General Petroleum Sales Manager said, “If you can offer a local presence and customer service, someone to talk to on the ground, it goes a long way to help your customers be successful.”

According to Shannon Martin, Sr. Design Engineer and Technical Sales for Morphpackers, “People are seeking out Morphpackers’ technology on a global scale. This expansion into Australia is timed right with the industry economics and the partnership opportunity with General Petroleum.” Cavallaro added, “The technology is exciting, but what will take this to the next level for the Australian market is the true partnership and support our customers will garner from our two companies.”

Morphpackers will conduct training for the General Petroleum Oil Tools team covering all aspects of the technology, including manufacturing, assembly, and applications.

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