Artificial Lift Partners

At GPOT, we are proud to align our mission with that of a great company like Q2 Artificial Lift Services (Q2 ALS) – “To provide quality, service & distribution of Artificial Lift Products to the oil & gas industry, supported by world class manufacturing, engineering and product development.” Q2 ALS products are 100% Canadian made, and supported locally by GPOT to the Australasian market.

AL Pro has been monitoring Artificial Lift performance since 1995. Together, GPOT and AL Pro have aligned to provide global and local customers with the best in class Artificial Lift Systems. The exclusive arrangement offers the highest in quality and Artificial Lift System experience from manufacturing to localised aftermarket service. The products available through this partnership include complete Progressive Cavity Pump Systems, Drive Heads, and Drive Rods.

GPOT is proud to partner with Hawkeye Industries and present a history in the oilfield since 1983. Local Australian based businesses can behold world class solutions in Artificial Lift Systems and Artificial Lift experience, through the exclusive partnership of GPOT and Hawkeye. With a strong reputation of reliability and commitment to quality, GPOT and Hawkeye will deliver ‘best fit’ pumping solutions for down hole environments and offer solutions to any challenges that may arise.

Forum Energy Technologies is renowned, worldwide, for the production of quality products that deliver optimum performance and reliability. General Petroleum Oil Tools’ Dalby distribution centre is stocked, with full OEM backing, to proudly supply Forum Energy Technologies products to the Australasian Market.

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